Chilean MP Condemns Worsening of US Blockade against Cuba

Santiago de Chile, July 19 (Prensa Latina) As one of the last desperate shots of a ruthless economic war against Cuba, the Chilean politician Hugo Gutierrez described the activation of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act.

The lawyer and MP for the Tarapaca region told Prensa Latina that the legislation in force since 1996 is ‘one of the most outlandish tools of the United States against Cuba’s sovereignty and economic development, and a key part of the blockade to choke the economy and sabotage its socialist model.

He considered that the activation of Title III by President Donald Trump last May demonstrates the fear that the Cuban revolutionary process will continue along the path of independence and the successful business model based on the associativity of the State with foreign investors in numerous areas.

He recalled that Title III gives U.S. citizens the possibility of suing in their country’s courts those who do business with U.S. property nationalized by the Cuban Revolution after 1959.

He pointed out that this action is intended to extend the blockade on foreign investment from European and Asian countries. Gutierrez added that, as in most Latin American and Caribbean countries, foreign investment is for Cuba a key factor and a major component for the country’s economy and development.


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