Chilean councilpeople oppose US blockade against Cuba

Santiago de Chile, Aug 19 (Prensa Latina) Five councilpeople from the Apruebo Dignidad party, from La Serena municipality, capital of the Coquimbo region, called for the lifting of the US blockade imposed for over 60 years on Cuba.

In a public statement, they denounced that Washington has enforced, ‘with arrogance and clumsiness, extraterritorial laws and measures that flagrantly violate sacred political and international law institutions in a number of spheres.’ The text added that this brutal blockade against Cuba is a major political and moral setback for the United States, and the repeated votings against this policy at the United Nations are an example of that.

The statement reviewed the main milestones of the blockade almost since the first days after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, on January 1, 1959, up to the present, including the passing of the Torricelli Act, in 1992; and the Helms-Burton Act, in 1996.

It also recalled that, during the Obama administration, although relations between both countries were reestablished, nothing substantial was done to end the blockade, and persecutions and sanctions against foreign enterprises that do business with Cuba continued.


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