Chilean councilman demands US to remove Cuba from SSOT list

Santiago, Chile, Jun 13 (Prensa Latina) Councilman Luis Aguilera demanded that the United States remove Cuba from the State Sponsors of Terrorism (SSOT) list, and warned that the harassment against the Caribbean nation undermines that country’s human rights.

“Cuba does not export terrorism; it exports well-being, health, with its permanent missions of cooperation in different countries worldwide,” Aguilera, who is also a member of the Gabriela Mistral branch of the Chilean Writers’ Society, affirmed on Wednesday.

He recalled that a few months after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, a Cuban medical mission arrived in Chile to treat the victims of the Valdivia mega-earthquake on May 22, 1960.

The 9.5-magnitude earthquake was the most powerful ever recorded in human history. It left nearly 2,000 dead and two million injured, he said.

Aguilera stated that Cuba’s ongoing presence in the US unilateral list has tangible effects that make life more complicated for the population, affecting food, health care, and development.

He affirmed that Cuba’s inclusion on that list also violates the fundamental principles of international law.


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