Chilean campaign to send medicines and supplies to Cuba

Santiago, Chile, Dec 23 (Prensa Latina) Friends of Cuba in Chile are currently promoting a campaign to ship medicines and supplies to the Caribbean island in order to counter the negative effects of the United States blockade.

“Cuba is not alone” is the name of the initiative in which Chileans who support Cuba and members of the Raices Cubanas cultural association of Cuban residents are participating.

“We are happy and proud because with this small contribution we are helping to break the criminal blockade imposed by the United States for over 60 years,” Vasili Carrillo, one of the organizers, told Prensa Latina.

He said that thanks to this effort, it was possible to send syringes, catheters, sutures, and other supplies and medicines to four hospitals and two polyclinics in Cuba.

I lived in Cuba. To me, it is my second homeland. I studied there and Cuba taught me great values that justify my actions and those of many comrades who are working in this campaign, Carrillo said.

He explained that the goal is to expand the initiative to help Cuba with the resources it most needs.


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