Chevron Pollution Cannot Remain Unpunished, Says Cuban Legislator

Quito, Aug 29.- Cuban legislator Rolando Gonzalez Patricio said today that the pollution caused by U.S. Chevron-Texaco oil company in the Ecuadorian Amazon cannot remain unpunished, and it is essential for the world to be made aware of the case.

In statements to Prensa Latina, the legislator said that the multinational must assume its responsibilities for the environmental damage caused during the nearly three decades that it operated in this region.

“The cause must be known in order to prevent impunity and ensure that international law is respected, since multinational companies must comply with their economic and environmental obligations,” Gonzalez said.

After visiting the Agrio Lake region, affected by oil spills, Gonzalez Patricio stressed the importance of personally verifying the situation there.

The legislator toured Agrio Lake along with the president of the International Relations Commission of the Cuban Parliament, Yolanda Ferrer, in a visit aimed at joining the campaign known as “Chevron’s Dirty Hands,” and expressing the Caribbean island’s solidarity with that cause. (Prensa Latina)

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