Chavistas March in Caracas to Mark Nicolas Maduro’s Re-election

Venezuelan people mobilized to commemorate the first anniversary of President Nicolas Maduro
Venezuelan people mobilized to commemorate the first anniversary of President Nicolas Maduro’s re-election. | Photo: Twitter / @ LTavera_teleSUR

Supporters of Maduro mobilized Monday to celebrate the first year of President Nicolas Maduro’s victory in May 20, 2018 election. 

May 20 (teleSUR) Supporters of President Nicolas Maduro marched Monday to commemorate the first anniversary of the re-election of President Nicolas Maduro as part of the elections of May 20, 2018.


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They gathered in the streets of Caracas early morning in a bid to ratify their support for the Bolivarian Revolution, and their commitment to defend democracy, sovereignty in face of an increasing interference by the United States.

Carmen Zerpa, the organizer of the march by the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) said people also wanted to show their support for President Maduro and ratify his victory in last year’s elections. 

“We celebrate this year the popular victory and gallantry, during which time the Venezuelan people have defended the Bolivarian project and told the bourgeoisie that they will not return, that here is a project that has to be respected because it is the will of the majorities,” Zerpa said.

President Maduro expressed his commitment to defend the popular will of the people.

He wrote on Twitter, “We celebrate the 1st Anniversary of the popular victory of May 20 in which Venezuelans decided in favor of peace, democracy, and freedom. Today, in an indissoluble Civic-Military union, we defend that sovereign election with courage. Here Command the People!”

The march will depart from Plaza Morelos, passing through the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) and will arrive at the Miraflores Palace, local media reported.

In recent months, Venezuela has come under an intensified attack by U.S. President Donald Trump who is trying to overthrow the democratically elected government of President Maduro. The North American country has also shown its support for opposition lawmaker Juan Guaido who illegally proclaimed himself the “interim president” of Venezuela. Washington had also come out in support of Guaido’s failed coup attempt on April 30, a move that reveals Washington’s disregard for democracy and support for hostile regime change, according to the Venezuelan government and its allies. 

In recent months the U.S. has also imposed further economic sanctions on the country in an effort to create further suffering in the country and push for unrest. A report by several economists last month found that at least 40,000 people have died as a direct result of sanctions which are preventing the government from importing basic medical supplies. 

During the rally, the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, proposed early elections for the National Assembly, in the context of the dialogue that has been held between the Venezuelan government and opposition members.

“Let’s validate the only institution in our democracy that hasn’t been the subject of an election in the last 5 years. Let’s vote and compete in the frame of the law to see who wins”, President Maduro said.

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