Central Cuba Inhabitants Use Subsidies to Build New Houses

images[1]CIEGO DE AVILA, Cuba, Mar 9 (acn) From January 2012 to date, more than 630 people from this Cuban province enjoy a more comfortable or new housing, after being benefited with grants to start, repair or rehabilitate their homes.

For this purpose more than 82 million pesos were given to 1 551 people affected by catastrophes or natural disasters, and critical social cases, most particularly those living in vulnerable situations and having little economic solvency.

The money available corresponds to what is collected from the sale of construction materials in each province.

Tania Nuez Gonzalez, provincial director of Housing, recalled that in May 2013 the country ordered the extension of the amount of money to cover the debt by legal documentation and perpetual leasehold, as well as for materials in stores operating in CUC.

Nuez González said that the budget law protects the subsidy to be granted from a year to another, which prevents those concerned repeating the application process.

In this regard, Marianela Fernandez Lorenzo, vice president of the Board of Directors of Ciego de Avila municipality, stated that what is collected from the sale of construction materials is still insufficient.

Currently, for example, we need 27 million pesos to cover the 635 subsidies proposed to be granted, she said.

On the subject, Juan Alberto Muiño García, director of the Building Materials Production Provincial Company, explained that although demand will always exceed supply, most of the items produced in the municipalities are present in stores of the Domestic Trade Ministry, including blocks, concrete frames, painting, floors, sand, asbestos cement water tanks, stone and, canal flagstones, beams and concrete small slabs for roofs.

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