CDA calls on Biden to lift blockade against Cuba

Washington, Aug 5 (Prensa Latina) The Center for Democracy in the Americas (CDA) urged the administration of President Joe Biden to eliminate the sanctions and the blockade against Cuba and set aside policies that are currently ineffective.

This organization, which, since its foundation in 2006, has upheld the idea of normalizing relations between both countries, expressed in a press release the need to promote a Cuba policy based on the commitment and recognition of this nation’s sovereignty.

After six months of inaction on Cuba policy, the Biden and Kamala Harris administration finally expressed its intention to commit, CDA Executive Director Jorge Quintana said, referring to the July 11 riots in Cuba and the subsequent stance taken by the White House.

He said that the recent statements and current policy of the Democratic administration is not only incompatible with those sentiments of supporting the Cuban people, but is counterproductive.

If the Biden-Harris administration really wants to support the Cuban people, he stressed, it will first have to take concrete actions for the lifting of sanctions and the elimination of the embargo (blockade), tightened with the 243 measures taken by Donald Trump during his term of office (2017-2021).

That is why he suggested to eliminate provisions such as specific licenses required to send medical supplies to Cuba, restrictions and caps on family remittances and donations, and limitations on travel.

Regarding Biden’s appeals to provide Internet access to Cubans, something Havana authorities described as interference, the CDA acknowledged that almost half of the Cuban population has a cell phone and 2.5 million have 3G or 4G access.


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