Catholic Priest Urges End to Sanctions against Nicaragua

Managua, July 20 (Prensa Latina) Nicaraguan Catholic priest Antonio Castro called for the end of external sanctions that affect his country, which are considered by the government of President Daniel Ortega illegal and in violation of human rights.

Priest Castro addressed US evangelical pastors invited to the celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution and asked them to intercede with the US authorities to end the sanctions.

With almost five decades of priestly life, the Catholic requested the cessation of the Magnitsky Law and the well-known Nica Act, which directly harms the economic development of the country since the US can veto the access to loans from international financial organizations.

Pastor of the La Merced church, in a humble neighborhood of Managua, Castro also referred to the need for peace so that Nicaragua will leave behind the differences resulting from the coup attempt of April 2018.

‘We want peace, peace is not the absence of war, peace is the fruit of development, growth, progress, life, love. We have to build peace every day, each one of us, ‘said the Catholic priest at the ceremony that celebrated the 40th anniversary of the triumph of the Sandinista Popular Revolution.

He pointed out that the event marked the definitive defeat of the Somoza tyranny, also the beginning of a new society, a new Nicaragua.

The Somoza family firmly ruled Nicaragua for over four decades, hence most of Nicaraguan people deemed this family as a national symbol; thus, they celebrate each anniversary of the arrival of Sandinismo to power on July 19, 1979.


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