Casa de las Americas hosts in Cuba event on communities in US

Havana, Nov 17 (Prensa Latina) After 40 years of its first meeting, Casa de las Americas is hosting on Wednesday the 3rd Seminar on Studies on Native American, Afro-descendant and Latino Communities in the United States.H

The first edition of this event took place in November 1981 under the title “Seminar on the Situation of the Black, Chicano, Indian and Puerto Rican Communities in the United States.”

Also convened by the Research Center of International Policy, the event will run until November 19 with guests from several nations to analyze the challenges of these populations in the northern nation.

The participants will address issues related to the current economic, political, social and cultural reality of these communities and will talk about their communication and dialogue strategies, educational and training processes from a decolonizing perspective, and resilience against Covid-19.

In addition to the event, Casa de las Americas will develop a rich program of activities with panels, premieres of films and book launch related to the performing arts and the strategic thinking of the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz.


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