Carlos Lazo talks about Cuba and emigration at ecumenical center

Havana, Aug 29 (Prensa Latina) Cuban-American activist Carlos Lazo, leader of the Bridges of Love project, paid a visit to Havana’s Martin Luther King Center in order to donate medicines and to talk about emigration issues.

Lazo met with Reverend Raul Suarez, founder of the ecumenical center, and thanked him for the efforts that made it possible for him to travel to Cuba in 1994 to visit his father.

‘Perhaps without you knowing it, that trip made me reconnect with my homeland, with my neighborhood. Thanks to your help I reconnected with my family and realized that I cannot be like that, I cannot hate, I began to change and to approach the emigration phenomenon from love,’ said Lazo.

Both (Lazo and Suarez) honored Reverend Lucius Walter, who also defended the unity of the Cuban and US peoples.

‘The work of love you do is Christian and evangelical, because this is a people who really deserve to cooperate together,’ Suarez said.

Recently, during Lazo’s visit to Prensa Latina news agency, the professor insisted on the significance of building a future of peace and harmony, forgetting hateful messages promoted from social networks.


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