Carlos Lazo denies call for marches in Cuba

Washington, Oct 11 (Prensa Latina) Carlos Lazo, leader of Bridges of Love Project, on Monday denied his organization called marches in Cuba from the United States in November.

Different platforms have disclosed fake news seizing a chance of the popular initiative that has reached people’s hearts, Lazo posted on social media, while condemning how the purposes of those calls have nothing to do with solidarity project.

Likewise, Lazo asserted that no one is authorized to use Bridges of Love logo to please personal programs other than the goal of ending US blockade against Cuba and, as a first step, the resumption of consular services in Havana.

He also recalled that his main goals are the resumption of family reunification program, authorization to send family remittances to Cuba, reestablishment of flights stemming from the United States to all Cuban provinces as well as the ties between scientists and cooperation.

Such requests are backed up by over 27,000 signatures sent to the US State Department to urge President Joe Biden to lift the blockade against Cuba and re-establish relations between both nations.

The Cuban-American professor doubled down on his call to prepare caravans in different US cities and around the world on October 31 opposing to US sanctions on Cuba.

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