Canadian Religious Leader Rejects US Hostility against Cuba

Havana,  (Prensa Latina) Canadian Rev. Christopher Ferguson, Secretary General of the World Communion of Reformed Churches, has reiterated his rejection of the blockade and the intensification of US hostility against Cuba.

Regarding this policy that has been trying to choke the Cuban people for almost 60 years, the priestly Minister of the United Church of Canada affirmed that they will continue ‘asking for the end of the blockade, which is both immoral and illegal.

In statements via email to Prensa Latina, the theologian stressed that they are concerned about actions that negatively impact people and obstruct justice and reconciliation, in that sense, he said that ‘the issue of Helms-Burton is derived from that basic point.

On May 2, US President Donald Trump fulfilled the decision announced days before activating Helms Burton’s Title III, a controversial measure postponed every year since 1996 by both Democratic and Republican leaders.

From then on, legal proceedings were opened for US citizens to file lawsuits against persons and entities that invest in properties nationalized in Cuba after the triumph of the Revolution on January 1, 1959.

Father Christopher Ferguson, representative of the World Council of Churches at the United Nations (2006-2010), has a broad endorsement of support and solidarity with Cuba.

In 2016 he received the Friendship Medal awarded by the Council of State at the proposal of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with Peoples (ICAP), for his permanent fight against the blockade and the efforts to achieve the return of the child Elian Gonzalez and the five anti-terrorist fighters to their homeland.

The World Communion of Reformed Churches, the largest association of its kind in the world, has 229 member denominations in 108 countries, gathering 80 million people.


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