Canadian organizations demand the exclusion of Cuba from US list

Havana, Jul 3 (Prensa Latina) Cuba solidarity organizations in Canada requested the exclusion of the island from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism, drawn up by the United States, the Foreign Ministry announced today.

Through a message on X, the Cuban Foreign Ministry published a message reporting on the demand made from Canada, with the hashtag #NoToTerrorism and accompanied by a 42-second audiovisual material.

Coordinators of different organizations in solidarity with Cuba in Vancouver, Canada, pronounced themselves in favor of the exclusion of Cuba from the spurious list of alleged State Sponsors of Terrorism’, the post assures.

The video points out that three years ago, US President Donald Trump included Cuba on the list of countries sponsoring terrorism and thus intensified the economic blockade against the Caribbean nation.

It also highlights that the country ‘has defended peace and international cooperation during the last 65 years’ and urges to increase the rejection of Trump’s decision.


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