Campaign against US blockade against Cuba grows in Germany

Berlin, Nov 7 (Prensa Latina) The #UnBlockCuba campaign gained force in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in solidarity with the Caribbean nation, as the call to end the US blockade returned to the UN General Assembly today.

Presented in mid-September by the German newspaper Junge Welt, together with solidarity with Cuba groups, progressive organizations and the media, the initiative draws attention to the escalation of Washington’s aggression and the pressures it puts on some of its allies to follow suit.

Activists put up posters in several cities, held events and demonstrations with the aim of breaking the silence in the mass media regarding the issue, and denouncing the consequences of this hostile policy, imposed against Cuba for almost six decades.

The Cuban embassy in Berlin and its headquarters in the city of Bonn, invited activists to participate in a solidarity event with live broadcasting of the twenty-eighth vote on the draft resolution ‘Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial embargo of the United States of America against Cuba.’

For 27 consecutive years, the UN General Assembly has voted against this policy that has caused the island quantifiable damages of more than 922.63 billion dollars, according to official figures.


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