Cambodia and Cuba willing to cooperate in agricultural sector

Phnom Penh, May 4 (Prensa Latina) Cambodia and Cuba expressed their willingness to strengthen ties between the two countries and extend cooperation to the agricultural sector during a meeting between senior leaders of the sphere.

This willingness was expressed in a meeting between the Minister of Agriculture, Forest Resources and Fisheries of Cambodia, Dith Tina, and the Vice Minister of Agriculture of Cuba, Maury Hechavarría.

During their talks, Tina thanked Cuba for its historic contribution to the development of Cambodia in difficult times and reminded them that decades ago, Cuban sugar was a key product in the history of friendship between the two countries, it was sent to Cambodia as a gesture of solidarity.

Hechavarría, in response, thanked Cambodia for its unconditional support of Cuba´s fight against the United States blockade and referred to its impact on the development of agriculture on the island.

The two sides also reviewed the main milestones in bilateral ties and highlighted the exchange of visits by the respective prime ministers in 2022, as well as the consensus and agreements reached in favor of advancing bilateral relations.

After the meeting with Tina, the Cuban vice minister visited the Cambodian Center for the Development of Agriculture, where he learned about the application of science and technology in breeding rice seeds, whose varieties, production and quality have made Cambodia´s kingdom one of the main exporters in the region.

As part of the work program, the Cuban delegation will also participate in a business forum, with the objective of addressing issues offered by Cuba, related to the portfolio of investment opportunities in agriculture.


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