Camaguey begins production of a vaccine against pig plague

Camaguey, Cuba, Jan 19.- The Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Center in the province of Camaguey has begun the production of a vaccine against the classic pig plague, disease that affect  raising of pork in Cuba.

This is one of the institution’s projects for 2017 in the development of the technology for the production and sales of this vaccine which up until now has studied at the Biotechnology Center in Havana in successful clinical trials.

Speaking to ACN, Jesus Zamora, Director of the center in Camaguey explained that the recollection of information to obtain registry of the regulating entity of the Ministry of Agriculture should begin during the first trimester of this year and later its sale.

Zamora commented that, although there is still no official committed figures, that they are assessing an initial potential related with the two million births of pigs reported annually in the state sector which will later require two vaccines, plus the of the adults.

The specialists foresee that the Porvac vaccine (its commercial name) has an effectiveness of over 90 percent in the control and eradication of the PPC.

The strengthening of the presence of GAVAC, vaccine against the ticks that attacks cattle, in the national market is another of the priorities for the Biotechnology Center in Camaguey in 2017, who is responsible for the promotion of the vaccine within the program of the integral control of the insect.

The specialists are also working on the expansion of the successful Hebernem in fruit trees, and bionematicida in covered crops sold in a new form of a powder easier to apply and store and in the research of more efficient variants of this bio product. (ACN)

Radio Cadena Agramonte, January 19, 2017



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