Call to the X International Colloquium to Free the Cuban Five and against Terrorism

Havana, June 20th 2014
“Year 56 of the Revolution”

Dear Friends,

The year 2014 has witnessed numerous actions in support of the campaign for the release of our antiterrorist Heroes. Among them, the most important have been the Commission of Inquiry into the Case of the Cuban Five held in London, and the recently concluded “Five Days for The Five” in Washington DC. Both achieved important goals in disclosing and denouncing irregularities of the Cuban Five legal case, as well as violations against their rights and their relatives too. Your contribution to both, directly or indirectly, have been paramount. We would like to convey all our most sincere and heartfelt thanks on behalf of our Heroes, their families and the Cuban people.

This year also brought the joy of Fernando Gonzalez Llort’s return, after fully serving his unfair sentence. However, the cruelest and most unjust imprisonment remains for our Heroes Gerardo, Ramón and Antonio. Thus, the campaign for their release and their final return to the homeland, to their families must go on.

An important landmark to keep on this battle is the X International Colloquium to Free the Cuban Five and against Terrorism which we are calling for September 11th and 12th in the context of the International Campaign taking place each year to denounce another anniversary of their unjust imprisonment.

In the year 16 of this ongoing injustice, we look forward to having you in Havana to confirm our decision to fight Onward to Victory!

Kenia Serrano Puig
Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples

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