Call to Favor Mexico’s support to Cuba against the Helms-Burton

Mexico, May 24 (Prensa Latina) Former Mexican university rector Pablo González Casanova called to endorse the support of the Mexican government to Cuba against the extraterritorial Helms-Burton Act that the United States applies to intensify the blockade.

In a meeting at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) entitled ‘Cuba against the Helms-Burton Law’ in which the Cuban ambassador, Pedro Núñez Mosquera, was present, the distinguished Mexican intellectual held that in this moment, the government led by Andrés Manuel López Obrador can represent a very positive element of support to the island.

He asserted that Mexico’s aid to the Caribbean country in face of the United States is a possibility that did not exist in previous mandates, and that deserves the support of all.

González pointed out that the left must be very precise, so as not to be in favor or against, in absolute terms, but that each one adopts what they believe best, that is the way of reasoning.

Academician Carlos Fazio said the law seeks to annul Cuba’s sovereign right to nationalization and expropriation of foreign and national property with the terms of compensation considered for that purpose and in accordance with international law.

‘Because of its extraterritorial nature, the legislative monster -which has no jurisdiction in Cuba- violates the recognized principles that the ownership of a property is established in accordance with the laws of the country where it is located, the freedom of financing and investment, and the subordination of subsidiary companies to the laws of the resident nation.’ 

Previously, the Cuban ambassador had said the title III of the Helms-Burton is something incredible in terms of extraterritoriality.

No country that respects itself and is sovereign can accept similar pretension. He pointed out that this law has provoked international rejection since its creation, such as that of the European Union, Mexico, Canada and other countries.

He explained that in 59 years, the economic blockade imposed by the United States has left losses for Cuba of 933 billion 678 million dollars, and the people of Cuba will not let their homes and hospitals be snatched away, as the conquered independence has not been taken away.


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