Brother Betto analyzed Cuba´s resistance to US blockade

Brother Betto analyzed Cuba´s resistance to US blockade

Brasilia, June 22, (Prensa Latina) The acknowledged Brazilian writer and liberation theologist Brother Betto, praised today the resistance of the Cuban people to US blockade for more than six decades.

¨Heroic resistance of Cuba to the criminal blockade and from abroad we keep the support to the Revolution bringing a possibility for hope and future¨, Betto said about the UN General Assembly´s vote on the resolution demanding the end of the siege.

In a panel on the subject organized by the José Martí Cultural Association from Rio Grande do Sul state (JMCA-RS), the Dominican friar called on the countries to build their own society and history model, but assume the values of resistance, solidarity and friendship from the Cuban people.

¨Thank you, Cuba, for the example, testimony and resilience against the Empire¨, the prolific author of 69 books emphasized, he, in more than one occasion, acknowledged the need in these times for the clear intelligence of the historic leader of Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro, to fight the pandemic Covid-19.

During the JMCA-RS debate, those present disapproved the Brazilian government´s position, that in the vote on November 7, 2019, following Washington´s commands, did not condemn the brutal unilateral measure against the island.

During the UN General Assembly ´s vote that year, Cuba got an overwhelming majority support, when 187 member States voted against the blockade.

There were only two abstentions: Colombia and Ukraine, while the United States, Israel and Brazil voted against the uplifting of the siege, and stood isolated before the claim from the majority of the international community.

The panel condemned as well, how during Donald Trump´s administration (2017-2012) 243 new measures were taken in their attempt to strangle Cuba, 55 of which passed during the full pandemic, actions that still remain standing since the arrival to the White House of democrat Joe Biden five months ago.


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