British Magazine Publishes Cuban Studies on Ataxia

HOLGUIN, Cuba, Jun 24 (acn) The prestigious British scientific magazine The Lancet Neurology, published in its June edition the results of Cuban research works referred to ataxia, a hereditary disease that concentrates the largest amount of Cuban patients in eastern Holguin province.

Roberto Rodriguez, a specialist with the Center for the Research and Rehabilitation of Hereditary  Ataxias (CIRAH), told ACN that research made it possible to diagnose symptoms like painful muscular contractions and reflex changes in patients who are carriers of the gene of Ataxia Espinocerebelosa type 2 (SCA2).

This result, pointed out the scientist, will allow for the development of rehab therapies in early stages of the disease, in which neurological damage are less, something that will increase the quality of life of patients.

The scientific study carried out in Holguin has no precedents in the country, and included families of the municipality of Baguanos.

The publication by The Lancet Neurology, he underlined, represents a great achievement for Cuban Medicine, since for the first time the magazine publishes an article written by authors of the island.

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