Brazilian Solidarity fueled commitment in defense of Cuba

Brazilian Solidarity fueled commitment in defense of Cuba

Brasilia, Jun 7 (Prensa Latina) The XXV Brazilian National Convention of Solidarity with Cuba, held in virtual format between June 3 and 6, reaffirmed today its commitment in defense of the self-determination and sovereignty of the Caribbean island.

In a letter signed by Joao Pessoa, president of the Jose Marti Cultural Association in the state of Paraíba (ACJM-PB), the forum denounces the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba for more than six decades.

According to the document, this siege ‘has never diminished the fighting spirit of the Cuban people, who are advancing in their transformation process, overcoming enormous obstacles, as never before recorded in the history of mankind’.

The text warns that the U.S. siege against Cuba ‘has been systematically accompanied by no less cruel files, aimed at undermining the creative breath of the Revolution’.

It recalls that billions of dollars are dissipated by Washington and its puppets in ‘an asymmetric and hybrid ideological war, with the use of media resources, bribes, espionage and the usual conspiracies aimed at isolating Cuba’.

All this, the content states, has as immeasurable consequences material losses and worsens the living conditions of the population, at the same time that it tempers the resistance of the Cuban people, validating the Martian principle that the trenches of ideas are worth more than those of stone.


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