Botswana Authorities Value Cuban Medical Cooperation

Gaborone, Feb 5 (Prensa Latina) Bostwana´s Minister of Health and Welfare of Botswana, Dr. Alfred Rabashemi Madigele, praised Tuesday the Cuban medical cooperation with this country and praised the high technical level of those collaborators.

These criteria were transmitted to the Ambassador of Cuba to Botswana, Patricia Pego, during a meeting in which both Ministers highlighted the good state of that work carried out by about one hundred medical specialists, physiotherapists, laboratory technicians, electromedical engineers, and pharmacists.

Sources of the diplomatic mission in this capital indicated that the Minister stressed the high technical level of Cuban professionals who provide services in nine districts of this Southern African nation , covered by a Government Agreement between these two countries.

The Cuban cooperation in Botswana has been maintained for more than 30 years and its brigade reached 100 members last December.

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