Both Cuban and US Churches United Against US Blockade

Washington, Apr 26 (Prensa Latina) The National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States and the Council of Churches of Cuba reaffirmed today their willingness to work together to end the US blockade against the island.

Through a joint statement, both institutions regretted that after the progress made towards the normalization of bilateral relations, the two countries are now ‘at a critical moment that threatens to erase the achievements.’ 

Therefore, we restated our solidarity in Christ and we join to work together with a view to ending the blockade, rejected by the vast majority of the UN member States and that it has an extraterritorial effect, they stated in the document.

Both councils also spoke in favor of promoting the normal relations of their respective peoples and nations, and advocated for reopening and stabilizing consular services between the two countries.

Such a step, they considered, will facilitate access to visas and the normalization of links between families and between our peoples.

Religious organizations also rejected the announcement by the Donald Trump administration of imposing new restrictions on travel to the Caribbean nation.

They also expressed their opposition to the decision of the US government to lift the suspension of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, an action that will further harden the quality of life of the Cuban people and create huge and unnecessary legal problems throughout the world.

Likewise, they condemned limitations and restrictions on sending remittances from the United States to the Caribbean country.

They indicated that such actions by the Trump administration, announced on April 17, ‘will be another obstacle to further developing our relationships, partnerships and the spiritual growth of churches in the United States and Cuba.’ 

Both councils called on churches, associated ecumenical bodies, religious organizations and all people of goodwill in the region and the world ‘to accompany us in our defense, solidarity and action for a better present and future for our two countries, churches and towns’.

The religious institutions are included among the different US sectors that showed their opposition in the last weeks to the new actions implemented by Washington against Cuba.

In a statement issued on April 18, the Office of Government Relations of the Episcopal Church expressed concern about the activation of Title III, considering that it will cause further deterioration in bilateral relations, and that it will affect the people and the economy of Cuba.


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