Book on Last Cuban Battle in Angola in Cuba´s Fair

HAVANa , Cuba, Feb 17 (acn) The presentation of the book Cuatrocientos noventa y tres días en Cuito Cuanavale, as part of the 24th International Book Fair Cuba 2015 became a tour through the exploits of Angolan liberation and the support of Cuban forces to that struggle.

With the assistance of protagonists of the historic battle, the presentation of the title took place at Nicolás Guillén Hall of San Carlos de La Cabaña Fortress, headquarters of the reading festival on the island.

Published by Verde Olivo Editorial, the volume was written by Venancio Avila Guerrero and Eduardo Tauriñán Yáñez, Chief and Deputy Chief of 71st Tactical Group who participated in that battle, and that victory meant a decisive step towards the final liberation of Angola and Namibia, and the end of Apartheid in South Africa.

According to the authors, it is a historiographical material of extraordinary value, which collects everything that happened in the Angolan Southeast from January 17 to June 3, 1989 in that region.

During the presentation, Ávila Guerrero narrated passages of the struggle which had the support of many young people, as well as the precise direction of the high command of the Revolutionary Armed Forces.

As for the research to shape the material, he highlighted the testimonies of more than 70 participants in the battle, from all positions and military posts, and consultation of valuable bibliographical sources including declassified texts of enemy officers.

The book, with seven chapters in chronological order of the events, also recreates abundant pictures, sketches of the battles and annexes that complement the information about the combat.

Other releases of Verde Olivo Publishing house will happen in this Fair, dedicated to Cuban intellectuals Olga Portuondo and Leonardo Acosta, and with the participation of India as Guest of Honor.

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