Book by Gerardo Hernandez, one of The Five, Presented in Havana

CUBA-LA HABANA-PRESENTAN EL LIBRO "EL HUMOR DESDE MI PLUMA" DE GERARDO HERNÁNDEZHAVANA, Cuba, Feb 2 (acn) The book entitled Dibujos de Gerardo Hernandez: Humor desde mi pluma (“Drawings by Gerardo Hernandez: Humor from my Pen,”) which includes drawings and documents related to the case of the five Cuban antiterrorist heroes unfairly condemned in the United States in 2001, was presented on Monday in this capital.

It’s a compilation of caricatures I made while I was in prison, on Fidel (Castro) and various topics, as forms of expression, said Gerardo at the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) during the ceremony where the book was presented by Manuel Lopez, coordinator of the Committee for the Freedom of The Five in Ukraine, the organization that prepared and paid for printing.

Also included in the book, in addition to the 36 caricatures, was an explanation on the case of the antiterrorists, the Affidavit presented at the court by Gerardo’s lawyer, Martin Garbus, and pictures of friends of international solidarity who visited him imprison, he explained.

According to Lopez, working in the text published in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, on October 22, were Ukrainians, Argentineans, Venezuelans and friends of other nationalities.

The epilogue was written by Gilbert Browstone, a friend of Cuba and president of the Browstone Foundation. The book was edited in the United States and it is being distributed by the Amazon network, Lopez informed.
On December 17, after 16 years of unfair imprisonment in U.S. jails, Ramon, Antonio y Gerardo returned to their homeland and joined their families; Rene and Fernando, the other two members of the group, were released after serving their sentences.

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