Bolivian Social Groups Condemn US Blockade on Cuba

La Paz, Jun 28 (Prensa Latina) The Bolivian branch of the Association of Medical Professionals Graduated in Cuba condemned all kinds of interference and aggressions against the Caribbean island, as well as the activation of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act by the United States.

A communiqué from the Association described the law as a flagrant violation of the Cuban people’s rights and an escalation of the atmosphere of hostility by Washington’s international policy on Havana.

They could not and will not be able. Cuba is not alone, now we are thousands of more Cubans born in other nations who will overcome Titles III and IV of that law, the document concluded.

Maria Isabel Vizcarra, who is in charge of the forum on reflection and debate ‘Cafe Semilla Juvenil’ in La Paz, sent a letter to US President Donald Trump in which she condemned the aggressions against Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

Vizcarra noted in her letter that Latin America is not alone. It is united by its indigenous and ancestral cultures, its struggles for independence for more than 500 years of colonial exploitation and looting.

‘We do not need tutelages and least of all interventions and occupations, Please, respect us,’ she stressed.

Meanwhile, the Cruseña Left-Wing Revolutionary Coordinator denounced the interference by the US Government in Latin America after failing in the Middle East.

Jerges Mercado Suarez, a member of that organization, mentioned the tightening of the unjust economic, commercial and financial blockade on Cuba, as part of that interfering strategy.

Tell me if this is democracy. (Trump) Banning his citizens to travel to Cuba. He prohibits companies and cruise ships, and even punishes them severely, if they do business with or travel to Cuba. Those who speak about democracy are the first to violate it,’ he noted.

Mercado ratified his strong protest and called on all social forces to demonstrate against and oppose that genocide.


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