Bob and Ileana: Enemies of the United States?

Although it seems unusual there are two Washington legislators who have damaged and still damage their country.

We speak about senator Robert (Bob) Menendez and the doubly small congress member Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

They were the spearhead of the extraterritorial laws Torricelli and Helms-Burton which in year 1992 and 1996 earned them disagreements even with European allies.

They are fervent supporters of keeping the blockade on Cuba, which every year is rejected, since the early 90’s by the UN General Assembly.

What has happened in these meetings has produced one of the biggest setbacks in the history of North American diplomacy and the isolation of Washington.

Guilty? The ultra-rightwing alliance sheltered in the Capitol and its branches of Cuban origin with headquarters in Miami.

There are two people who have always lead them , they are Bob and the legislator for Miami Ros-Lehtinen.

One representing the state of New Jersey, and the other one, Florida, together with their ultra-rightwing groups of Cuban origin.

By the way not long ago, Bob was involved in a scandal for having relationships with prostitutes from the Dominican Republic.

The latter admitted it to the press and the scandal soon reached Washington and sectors of the international public opinion.

But he pulled his powerful influences and in a second version the girls denied even knowing him.

Ileana is neither free from embarrassing situations, due to her public ties with outstanding terrorists.

Just to name an example, among so many.

Just on July 8, 1996 she sent a letter to Rodolfo Frómeta Caballero, head of the famous gang Commands F-4.

Objective? Encourage him to keep his subversive activities against Cuba, a letter that made a boom in the Floridian press.

Frómeta was considered one of the most dangerous band leaders living unpunished in that state.

His men, remembered some, were never detained, on the contrary, in July, 1996 they received a letter from a parliamentarian, same as Ileana, where they were encouraged to follow the path of violence.

At present Bob and the doubly small Ros-Lehtinen feverishly oppose that Cuba and United States, as was announced, improve their bilateral relationships.

Are they perhaps getting ready to add new setbacks to the history book of their own nation?

Written by Nicanor León Cotayo, CubaSí

January 14, 2015

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