Blockade violates human rights of people with disabilities in Cuba

Havana, Aug 1 (Prensa Latina) The US blockade against Cuba violates the human rights of people with disabilities and it is an obstacle to the achievement of their goals in all areas.

Jorge Luis Cala, president of the National Association of the Blind (ANCI), told Prensa Latina that this policy prevents to acquire Braille typewriters and paper in US markets.

Faced with this challenge, Cala argued that the Association depends on donations or third countries through which the purchase becomes up to 10 times more expensive than the initial price.

He confirmed that the blockade hinders the acquisition of optical aids for visually impaired people, means for rehabilitation and hearing aids for deafblindness.

The members of the Association cannot access the zoom platform, so our opinions and experiences are not heard at international congresses and workshops either, Cala said.

Despite these inconveniences, the ANCI celebrates its 47th anniversary as a protagonist of important legal changes for the country, such is the case of the new Family Code, which will be submitted to a popular referendum on September 25.

He mentioned the importance of following up on ANCI’s athletes and artists at schools and promoting community work, where the person with disability contributes to the transformation of his/her own family and neighborhood.


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