Blockade of Cuba: the U.S.A. against the World, says The New York Times

Havana, Cuba, Oct 29.- The United States and Israel were left once again on their own against the world with respect to the blockade of Cuba, warned on Tuesday a new article published by The New York Times.

Under the title On Cuba Embargo, It is the U.S. and Israel against the World – Again, journalist Ernesto Londoño highlighted the approval at the United Nations General Assembly of a resolution that requests the end of that economic, financial and commercial siege imposed on the Caribbean island, the Prensa Latina news agency reported on Wednesday.

“Of the 193 members of the United Nations, 188 backed Cuba. The three abstentions — Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Palau — are not widely regarded as diplomatic heavyweights,” commented Londoño in the editorial published in the column Taking Note.

Only Israel (main ally of Washington in the Middle East) sided with the United States, underlined the text while explaining that the yearly vote is worth paying close attention to this year, because it took place in moments in which there is growing pressure from neighboring countries to normalize relations with Cuba.

“The White House is considering what steps it might be able to take in that direction during President Obama’s remaining time in office,” asserts the article.

Londoño criticized the stance of “a little-known former American ambassador (Ronald Godard),” who on behalf of his country tried to defend the continuity of a policy that survived 11 administrations, both Republican and Democrat.

The editorial note emphasized that Cuba has expressed its willingness to hold talks with the United States and cited excerpts of the speech by Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez at the U.N. with respect to a future rapprochement based on respectful relations.

The influential newspaper, which recently published two editorials on the need to eliminate the blockade and reestablish bonds between the two countries, described Washington’s policy towards Havana as draconian.

It’s ironic that a policy designed to isolate Cuba has wound up isolating the United States in profound ways, stressed the newspaper.

The previous day, The New York Times also published a report on which it points out that “the UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly for the 23rd time to condemn” a blockade in force for over five decades and that in the opinion of experts it’s the longest in history. (acn)

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