Bill to purchase Cuba’s vaccine submitted to Honduran Congress

Tegucigalpa, Apr 30 (Prensa Latina) The Honduran National Congress (Parliament) on Friday received a bill submitted by Congresswoman Scherly Arriaga which proposes the purchase of Cuba’s Covid-19 vaccine Soberana.

‘I have submitted the bill so that Honduras, through the National Congress and the Health Commission, begins to contract Cuba’s vaccine Soberana through a strict oversight process by civil society,’ the legislator from the Liberty and Refoundation Party (LIBRE) posted on her Twitter account.

Arriaga also posted a video on Twitter in which she criticized the work done by the Government of President Juan Orlando Hernandez, which ‘has been unable to manage, administer or initiate contracts to purchase the Covid-19 vaccine efficiently and transparently.’

The congresswoman said that for that reason, she submitted the bill in Congress on Thursday to purchase the so-called Soberana vaccine, developed by Cuba’s pharmaceutical industry.

Through the Parliamentary Health Commission, with strict oversight by civil society and accompanied by the National Anticorruption Council, the LIBRE legislator proposes to manage the contracting and purchase of the Cuban vaccine.

Honduras is the most backward country in Central America regarding vaccination against the disease that is causing the current pandemic and, according to a specialized foundation, if it continued at that rate, it would take 11 years to immunize its population.


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