‘Biden Lift the Blockade’, Solidarity Groups With Cuba Demand

Activists gather in the U.S., Jun. 20, 2021.
Activists gather in the U.S., Jun. 20, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @lianystr

On June 23, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) will vote for a resolution to end the U.S. blockade against the Caribbean island.

June 20 (teleSUR) On Sunday, solidarity groups with Cuba worldwide demanded U.S. President Joe Biden lift the inhumane blockade hampering the Cuban economy.

The worldwide rally is part of the Cuban-American sponsored initiative “Bridges of Love,” which aims to call attention to the need to change the U.S policy towards Cuba.

Hundreds of bike riders waving Cuban flags gathered in Holguin. Likewise, mobilizations of ships, cars, and people jumping from parachutes took the street in Matanzas.

Turin, Belgium, Mexico, Miami, Tampa, Nueva York, and Washington D.C were also scenarios for solidarity demonstrations where people carried slogans reading “Mr. Biden lift the embargo.”

The meme reads, “The access to the products needed to develop cancer and COVID-19 vaccines is limited severely by unjustified US sanctions against Cuba. Dr.C Belinda Sanchez Ramirez, Director of Immunobiology at the Center for Molecular Immunology.”

On Sunday, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez arrived in New York to attend the 289th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) voting against the blockade to take place on June 23.

The UNGA resolution condemning the blockade has been passed 28 times in a row. In 2019, only Brazil and Israel backed U.S. negative stance, while Colombia and Ukraine abstained.

Cuban population is severely affected by the blockade, which has caused over US$9 billion loss amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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