Biden is unwilling to ease US blockade against Cuba

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Mexico, Feb 22 (Prensa Latina) The Government of United States President Joe Biden is unwilling to ease the blockade against Cuba, Ambassador to Mexico Marcos Rodriguez Costa denounced on Tuesday.

In an interview to La Jornada newspaper, the diplomat considered that Cuba is facing a great challenge: to support the Revolution as a viable project for its people, and highlighted the good relations with the Mexican Government, which he described as very important due to the identity of their peoples in the social, cultural and political spheres.

The debate is underway and the current context demands that one of the priorities must be the growth of Cuba’s economy to benefit the entire population.

The ambassador admitted that the path won’t be easy, given the adversities being faced by Cuba, the consequences of Covid-19, the long-lasting economic, financial and commercial blockade established nearly 60 years ago by the United States and the counterrevolutionary groups in Miami.

The Cuban diplomat emphasized that the revolution has been viable for our people and its renewal should involve those who have lived and defended it, and not the sectors that respond to a foreign model.

Rodriguez Costa, who has a long diplomatic career that includes Cuban diplomatic missions Africa and the Middle East, assumed his new mission in Mexico in early December 2021, the newspaper reported.

The head of the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City referred to the US economic blockade against his country and its economic and social consequences, and noted that he does not see Joe Biden’s willingness to ease that unilateral coercive measure

Finally, he insisted that the main challenge for Cuba, as well as for many developing countries, is economic progress to benefit our peoples.


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