Bibliographic Exhibition on The Five Inaugurated in Las Tunas

feria_libro2-4-15[1]Las Tunas.- More than thirty texts published by the Cuban Five are included in a traveling exhibition that was inaugurated at the Provincial Museum of this city, as part of the program of the Book Fair.The sample is organized by the Cuban Book Institute and consists of posters, catalogues of exhibitions and volumes written in different languages about the case of René González, Fernando González, Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino and Antonio Guerrero.

The bibliographic exposition includes the text Vida de Antonio Maceo (Antonio Maceo’s Life), edited by the local Sanlope publisher in 2004, in which appear some 150 décimas of Guerrero, who lyrically recreated the life of the Bronze Titan.

Carlos Tamayo, president of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba in Las Tunas, recalled the editing process of book, by Eduardo Heras León, in which poets such as Jesús Orta Ruiz and Waldo Leyva also participated.

The also poet and researcher noted that he held a correspondence with the Hero of the Republic of Cuba during the revision of the text, in which Guerrero showed great interest in the life and work of the Major General Vicente García, who became president of the Republic in Arms in 1878.

The reissue of Gaviotas, by Ramón Labañino, in charge of Holguín Editions, was launched as part of the sample’s opening.

The program of the Las Tunas chapter of the 24th Cuba 2015 International Book Fair, which runs until Sunday, includes the presentation of editorial novelties and the sale of some 500 titles, mainly those dedicated to the children.

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