Belize: A hostile blockade against Cuba is an affront to all peoples

Havana, Sep 16 (Prensa Latina) Belize’s Deputy Prime Minister Cordel Hyde said that the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba is an affront to all the peoples around the world.

What Cuba does is to send doctors, nurses, scholarships, sports, culture and technology to its brothers and sisters in other countries, the Natural Resources, Petroleum and Mining Minister stated, while stressing that Cuba is in a special place in the hearts of many nations.

Taking the floor at the G77+China Summit, which opened its doors on Friday at the Havana International Conference Center (HICC) in Cuba, Hyde said that the blockade imposed by Washington on Cuba for over 60 years must be lifted, and that all developing countries must work hard for that to happen.

In the context of the Summit, the Belizean deputy prime minister said that the possibility of a more equitable world is affected by the existence of immoral and coercive blockades that are barriers to progress.

During his speech, he referred to the challenges and drawbacks facing the global south such as the digital divide and brain drain, and urged nations to combine their ingenuity and energies, channel them as a unit and work together to “do what others will not do for us.”

Hyde recalled the past of many of the G77+China members, battered for centuries by slavery and colonialism, and called for a collective effort to close the gap they now face with developed states.


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