Beginning of Cuba’s Independence Wars Recalled

Carlos Manuel de Cespedes

LA DEMAJAGUA, Granma, Cuba. Oct 10 (acn) With a political rally, the patriotic uprising with which the first Cuban war for independence of the Spanish colonial rule and against slavery began 146 years ago was recalled on Friday in this spot of the municipality of Manzanillo.

According to the meeting’s organizers, hundreds of workers, students and other residents in Manzanillo met to demonstrate the eternal validity of the patriotic, revolutionary and progressive spirit of the Cuban people.

They added that the activity, which included artistic presentations, was held, as customary, in the La Demajagua National Park, located where the homonymous sugar mill used to be placed, scene of the momentous event that took place on October 10, 1868.

On that date, the proprietor of the sugar mill, landowner, lawyer and poet Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, from the city of Bayamo, proclaimed absolute independence of Cuba and swore, along with a handful of patriots, to fight until death or victory.

He also freed his slaves. He called them citizens for the first time and invited them to participate in the war.

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