Bangladesh blames US for attack on Cuban Embassy

Dhaka, Sep 26 (Prensa Latina) The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB) blamed the terrorist attack on the Cuban Embassy in the United States on the policy of hatred and violence that Washington maintains against the Caribbean island.

In statements release to local media on Tuesday, CPB Chairman Shah Alam and General Secretary Ruhin Hossain Prince strongly condemned the violent action against the Cuban diplomatic mission on US territory, and expressed their concern in this regard.

They also demanded a statement from the Government of Bangladesh condemning the terrorist act, and recalled that this is not the first violent action against the Cuban Embassy in Washington, where authorities have not been able to bring the terrorists to justice, the text affirmed.

The Bangladeshi communists considered that the attack is a consequence of the US Government’s policy of violence and hatred towards socialist Cuba, ignoring the opinion of the US general public.

Why can’t they arrest terrorists in their own country today? The US Government should respond to this, the party leaders stressed.

They called on the White House to investigate the attack immediately and bring those involved to justice.

They also reaffirmed the solidarity of the people of Bangladesh with the Cubans, and recalled that Cuba has always stood by Bangladesh since the liberation war in 1971 and during several crises.


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