Attacks on Cuban constitutional order are condemned in Canada

Ottawa, March 18 (Prensa Latina) The Associations of Cuban Residents in Canada today strongly condemned the manipulations of political operators in the United States, who incite violence on the island in order to undermine the constitutional order.

It is shameful and hypocritical that, on the one hand, the United States government urges Cuba to resolve the needs of Cubans and accuses it of indolence, and on the other, it is the most responsible and promoter of the shortcomings and difficulties that families face. Cubans, the official statement highlights.

They also recognized the political siege established over 60 years by the US Government, which has imposed the most brutal and comprehensive sanctions, as well as millions of dollars for programs aimed at destabilizing the internal reality of the Caribbean country.

As if all of the above were not enough, the United States includes Cuba on a spurious list of unilateral sponsors of terrorism, which seeks to discourage and hinder the nation’s potential investments, the letter warns.

Regarding the latent situation in the country’s economy, which suffers from difficulties in the supply of food, fuel and medicine, they assured that it is a consequence of the cruel policy of asphyxiation established by the administrations of the northern nation and, finally, they reaffirmed the accompaniment to the Homeland with its labor of love and solidarity.


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