At UN, Cuba Denounces US Subversive Project Zunzuneo

United Nations, May 2.- Cuba denounces today at the United Nations the recently revealed Zunzuneo, a program applied by the United States to generate destabilization through messages sent to cell phones in the island.

Cuba presented the case at the group of 77 plus China, a bloc made up of 133 developing countries.

On Tuesday, April 29, Cuban acting ambassador at the UN, Oscar Leon, informed the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) about the Zunzuneo, a subversive initiative for which Washington has used millions of U.S. dollars by American taxpayers.

During the meeting of the Movement, comprised of 120 nations, the diplomat demanded the U.S. government to respect International Law and the U.N. Charter, as well as the end of illegal and covert actions against Cuba.

During the NAM meeting, Belarus, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Syria, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and Venezuela, among others, expressed their support to Cuba and concern for the use with destabilizing purposes of new tools of information and communication.

According to revelations carried out early April by U.S. media, the secret program included front companies and servers in many continents, to hide the origin of those messages sent to thousands of users, in principle with “non-controversial contents,” to later incite the internal subversion.

On Monday, April 28, Cuban permanent representative at UN, Rodolfo Reyes, denounced at the Committee on Information of that world body Washington’s effort to subvert the political, economic and social order sovereignly chosen by the people of the Caribbean country. (Prensa Latina).

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