Associations in Canada to hold the 16th Cubans National Meeting

Ottawa, May 22 (Prensa Latina) Associations of Cubans residing in Canada held their 16th national meeting, the first in-person after three years of Covid-19 pandemic, according to a press release.

The event took place in Toronto and was attended by Cuban representatives who live in different parts of the country as well as other nationals invited by the Cuban embassy to Canada.

During the meeting, participants analyzed major results of work done by the associations during 2023 and projects for 2024.

Among core achievements were donations sent to Cuba, constant involvement in the Bridges of Love caravans as well as the demonstrations conducted in front of the U.S. embassy in Toronto so as to call for the end of the hostile and unjust blockade.

This was the perfect setting for attendees to debate on different issues closely related to migration processes, especially on Cuba´s new immigration measures.


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