Arreaza describes Duque’s statements on Venezuela as hypocritical


Caracas, Jun 9 (Prensa Latina) Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza described Colombian President Ivan Duque’s statements on Venezuela’s migration policy amid the Covid-19 pandemic as hypocritical.
The foreign minister said on Twitter on Monday that ‘Subpresident Ivan Duque cannot be more hypocritical and manipulative. Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans flee Colombia. They are homeless, jobless. The exits from the cities are blocked. They are victims of xenophobia and poverty. They have to live outdoors amid the pandemic’.

Arreaza’s statements came after Duque said in an interview with Radio Nacional de Colombia that Venezuela has imposed new restrictions to the admission of its nationals who want to return home, and demanded that those measures be reviewed by international agencies.

The diplomat noted that the Colombian president is manipulative, because he knows that more than 50,000 Venezuelans, mostly from Colombia, have fled from the xenophobia and the heath crisis in that nation due to the new SARS Cov-2 coronavirus.

Until Sunday, 55,785 people had returned to Venezuela from Colombia and Brazil, but due to an increase in the number of imported Covid-19 cases, the Venezuelan Government has enforced an epidemiological siege.

All Venezuelans who return home, free of charge, are tested for the virus and stay in compulsory quarantine for 14 days.

Of more than 2,300 positive cases reported in Venezuela, more than 1,000 came from Colombia, according to official reports.


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