Argentinean organizations demand end of blockade against Cuba

Buenos Aires, Aug 1 (Prensa Latina) Several Argentinean political parties spoke up against the US blockade of Cuba, in a joint statement signed by 29 organizations from 12 countries.

‘The biggest drama is the (US) blockade established since February 1962 and maintained to this day, with Democratic and Republican presidents having passed through the White House. The neo-Nazi Donald Trump aggravated it with 243 measures between 2017 and 2021, and Joe Biden maintains it as-is, without lifting those economic and financial measures,’ according to the statement.

Recalling that not even Biden has removed Cuba from the infamous list of ‘state sponsors of terrorism’, the signatories stressed that the blockade demonstrates how the United States’ political system is not a democracy, as it presumes, but a plutocracy, or government of the rich.

The organizations pointed out in the statement how the blockade has been repudiated, and still is, by an overwhelming majority of countries, as it has expressed in the General Assembly of the United Nations from 1992 to this day.

According to the statement, ‘the goal is to get to surrender through hunger and diseases the noble people who chose the Cuban path to socialism, with roots in José Martí and the leadership of Fidel Castro, continued with Raúl (Castro)and now new generations of leaders, its Communist Party, its mass organizations’.

The organizations also recalled that Cuba is prevented from trading freely, accessing foreign exchange, buying medicines and medical supplies, receiving charter flights and tourist cruises from the United States, shipping companies that transport oil are punished, banks that operate with Cuba are sanctioned, money remittances from Cuban relatives from abroad are blocked, among so many things.


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