Argentinean Expert Highlights Cuban Cooperation in Children’s Health

pesquiza[1]HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 20 (acn) Cuba and Argentina maintain close scientific exchanges in the early detection of children’s diseases, which represents an example of South-South cooperation, asserted on Thursday in this capital a health official of the South American nation.

In an exclusive interview with ACN, Professor Maria Ester Liceda, national coordinator of Neonatal Investigation Programs of Argentina, pointed out that, over the last nine years, there has been close cooperation with Cuban health organizations, which makes it possible for Argentineans to use Cuban technology to perform the early diagnosis of diseases affecting children.

Liceda, who is a participant in the 4th Cuban Congress of Pediatric Endocrinology (ENDOPED 2014), underlined the existence solid bilateral commercial and scientific exchanges in many aspects of health, mainly in neonatal investigation and pediatric endocrinology, which results in the early detection of diseases in children and adolescents in Argentina.

ENDOPED 2014 (Doctor Teresa Montesinos in Memoriam), will close on Friday, with the presence of some 300 experts, who carry out an update on diseases linked to children’s development.

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