Argentinean expert highlights Cuban collaboration in child health

Cuba and Argentina have close scientific exchange in the early detection of childhood diseases, representing an example of South-South cooperation, said in Havana, an official the health of the South American nation.

Professor Mary Esther Liceda, national coordinator of the Neonatal Research Programs in the country of the Southern Cone said exclusively to ACN nine years there closely with health agencies Cuba, which enables Argentines use technology Cuban for early diagnosis of diseases affecting infants.

Liceda, who participates in the IV Cuban Congress of Pediatric Endocrinology ENDOPED 2014, highlighted the existence of a strong bilateral scientific and trade in many health fields, mainly in the neonatal screening and pediatric endocrinology, which is reversed in the detection early disease in children and adolescents in Argentina.

Expert remarked that thanks to the growing cooperation between the two States, currently 52 percent of children born in the country can be analyzed and studied by early diagnosis-through technology developed in scientific centers Island.

Immunoassay Center, Business Group BioCubaFarma sends quality controls Argentine newborn screening laboratories in Thus, International S.A. Tecnosuma entered early diagnostic reagents, allowing you to work more safely and immediacy he said.

It meant that Cuban researcher endocrinologists specializing in monitoring and detection of congenital hyperthyroidism and congenital adrenal hyperplasia, also assist in the preparation, training of specialists in the South American nation.

Dr. Teresa Montesinos ENDOPED 2014 in Memoriam, runs until tomorrow attended by about 300 experts, who make an update about diseases related to child development.

Francisco Carvajal, president of the Organizing Committee and the Cuban Society of Endocrinology, integrate it said that more than 200 specialists from around the country who are responsible for assessing these conditions in children and adolescents.

The Doctor, Researcher and Merit announced that the last day included among the topics to discuss genetic and endocrine disorders, obesity and metabolic syndrome, adrenal disorders and impaired growth of normal development of infants.

Organized by the National Institute of Endocrinology, and the Cuban Society of that specialty, encounter covers serious illness in early life and its treatment of diabetes type 2 in childhood and puberty and reproductive health, also concluded head of the Department of Pediatric Endocrinology, National Institute of that specialty.

By Cuban News Agency, Radio Havana Cuba

November 22, 2014

Translated by Daysi Olano Fernandez

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