Argentine Jurists, Intellectuals Denounce Hostility against Cuba

Buenos Aires, Jul 17 (Prensa Latina) Argentine jurists and intellectuals denounced the persistent US hostility towards Cuba with the economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed on that nation 60 years ago.
Based at the Rodolfo Walsh house in Buenos Aires, an open talk was organized by the Argentine chapter of the Network of Intellectuals and Artists in Defense of Humanity, in which Cuban ambassador to Argentina Orestes Perez, former Argentinean ambassador to Cuba Juliana Marino, and jurists Liliana Constant, Beatriz Rajland and Javier Echaide participated.

During the debate, the Cuban ambassador offered an explanation on the blockade and the constant siege of successive US governments to suffocate the people and harass Cuba’s financial transactions, restrict travel of Americans to the island, among other unilateral measures.

He specifically referred to the tightening of this policy since Donald Trump took office and the application, on May 2, of Title III of Helms-Burton Act, another obstacle to hinder the development of that country.

The Cuban diplomat noted that, despite the permanent US obstacles, the Revolution strengthens, progress, reinvents itself every day, with a new generation assuming important roles.

During the meeting, prominent journalist Stella Calloni said that no blockade was as long as the Cubans’ resistance, an example always for the world.


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