Archeology Workshop to Begin in Central Cuba

cienfuegos52[1]CIENFUEGOS, Cuba, Oct 14 (acn) The Regional Archeology Workshop, to run in Cienfuegos on October 15 and 16, calls archaeologists to try to add a sugar mill from the nineteenth century to ¨La Ruta del Esclavo¨ national project.

San Lino sugar plantation, heritage site located in the town of Rodas, will be the stage for topographic and photographic surveys and studies of future excavations that will involve participants from three Cuban provinces.

Carlos Rafael Borges Sellén, meeting coordinator and specialist of the museum of the town, told ACN that the purpose of the theoretical and practical exchange is to locate the slave cemetery of the hacienda which retains part of the barracks, the house of the owners and the tower.

The sugar mill, founded by the Montalvo family, stopped grinding in 1921 due to the global economic crisis and is considered ideal place for the search of new industrial archeological structures, Borges Sellén said.
Papers on the colonial ceramics and genealogical studies of the offspring of the wealthy family in Midwest Cuba are among the theoretical research of the event.

The Palo Liso-Las Glorias Archeological Complex, true cave system where Aboriginal communities of different levels of cultural development settled down, is also located in Rodas town.

According to the website of Arqueologia Cuba magazine, the area is witness to manifestations of rock art, evidence of the use of the caves for ritual purposes, elementary astronomical observations, calculations of time and rain propitiatory ceremonies in the primitive period.

The workshop will be held as part of the activities for the Cuban Culture Day to be celebrated across the country from October 10 to 20.

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