Arauz Keeps the Lead in Ecuador’s Presidential Elections

Union for Hope (UNES) Presidential candidate Andres Arauz, Ecuador, 2021.

As of 10 p.m. on Sunday, the official preliminary results showed Socialist Andres Arauz as the winner of the first electoral round. The sample also showed a tie for second place between Yaku Perez and Guillermo Lasso.

Feb 7 (teleSUR) On Sunday, over 12 million Ecuadorians went to the polls to elect their next president and vice-president, 137 members of the National Assembly, and five

9:55 pm: Banker candidate Lasso does not accept results

In his first public reaction to a provisional count that does not favor him, Guillermo Lasso said he will only recognize the results when 100 percent of the tally sheets have been counted.

“They have proceeded badly by confusing the Ecuadorian people with a quick count of some 2,100 tally sheets. Five minutes later, however, they induce the error when one of the electoral advisors informs that the results of the quick count put us in the second round,” the right-wing politician argued.

9:50 pm: Arauz criticizes uncertainty fostered by electoral authorities

The Ecuadorian left-wing candidate reacted to the provisional results by pointing out that “one thing is certain, we are first.”

Andres Arauz criticized the publication of the “quick count” indicating that the Electoral Council acted in a non-technical manner when it presented results based on only 90 percent of the tally sheets from a small sample.

“The sample is only a subset of reality,” said the Union for Hope (UNES) politician who is also a Ph.D. candidate in economics and a mathematician.

“What the CNE announced is a subset of a subset. That data shows a virtual tie between second and third place,” he explained.

“That generates anxiety, controversy, and uncertainty for political actors. The role of the CNE is to generate certainty.”

9.15 pm: Electoral authorities present first official results 

The National Electoral Council (CNE) President Diana Atamaint presented the results of the “quick count” of the presidential elections held on Sunday.

Using a sample of 2,425 polling stations, that is to say, using only 8 percent of the tally sheets, it is observed that the three candidates with the highest votes were Andres Arauz (31.50 percent), Yaku Perez (20.04 percent), and Guillermo Lasso (19.97 percent).

If the trend presented in the first official results persists, the run-off election will be between Andres Arauz and Yaku Perez.

8.00 pm: Ecuador’s Electoral Authorities delay presentation of data

The National Electoral Council (CNE) was expected to present the first preliminary results of the presidential elections at 8.00 pm on Sunday. However, its authorities said they will announce those results one hour later.

In this context of uncertainty, the political maneuvers against the Union for Hope (UNES) presidential candidate Andres Arauz seem to begin to take shape.

Instead of waiting for the presentation of official results, for example, the Pachacutik candidate Yaku Perez held a press conference at 8 p.m. to proclaim himself “the winner” of the first round.

To justify his stance, he said that he had a 90,000-votes sample in which 40 percent of the votes would be in his favor.

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