Antiterrorist’s Paintings Exhibition Travels Around Cuba

antonio-guerrero-expomujer[1]Ciego de Avila, Cuba, Nov 12 (Prensa Latina) Great patriotic and human content are involved in the works of the traveling exhibition Toda la Patria esta en la Mujer (The whole Homeland is in Women), by Cuban antiterrorist Antonio Guerrero, opened to the public of this city. Composed by 55 photos of females with relevant participation in the various stages of the history of Cuba, the exhibition is placed at the Art Gallery Raul Martinez of Ciego de Avila, 430km east of Havana.

Using the technique of pencil and during his unjust incarceration in U.S. jails, Guerrero managed to highlight with simplicity the physical qualities of each woman in every face, achieving an almost perfect work.

Portraits of the heroines Vilma Espin, Celia Sanchez, Melba Hernandez, Haydee Santamaria, Fe del Valle, Mariana Grajales, Amalia Simoni and Ana Betancourt, among other Cuban women who contributed to the development of the nation, are present in the collection.

The exhibition will be in Ciego de Avila until next Saturday, November 14, before leaving for the province of Camaguey and continue its tour of the island.

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