Another Cuban Beach Among the 25 Most Popular

Travelers’ opinions gathered by the TripAdvisor website made Playa Paraiso (Paradise Beach), in Cayo Largo del Sur (South Key Largo), Cuba, 177 km south-east of Havana, to rank 11th among the world’s 25 most famous. The website bulletin Travel Trade Caribbean News reproduces the report that cites Paraiso Beach among the most popular beaches in the world, and it ranks third in the Caribbean as a region, where Cuba has several beaches also considered among the most popular.

Playa Paraiso is considered a natural jewel of the Canarreos Archipelago.

In the Caribbean region, Playa Sirena (Mermaid Beach), also in Cayo Largo del Sur ranks seventh; Varadero ranks 11th and Playas del Este (Eastern Havana Beaches) rank 20th.

A total of 100 sites in the planet are recognized for their popularity by the list of Travellers Choice, and the winners are selected taking into account the opinions of thousands of travelers in several categories, like best hotels, destinations and favorite restaurants.

There are high prospects for Cuba in the tourist sector. The Travel Leaders Group, which is the largest travel agency company in the United States and also a major entity of the sector in North America, has described Cuba as one of the most promising experiences and destinations of the year.

The New York Times daily newspaper also suggested Cuba as a tourist destination that is worth a visit.

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