Angolans mobilize to send donations to Cuba

Luanda, Oct 12 (Prensa Latina) The Association of former Angolan students in Cuba (the Caimaneros) on Wednesday started a campaign to send donations to Cuba, which was severely hit recently by Hurricane Ian.

In light of the events, ‘we take the liberty of extending our hand today to those who once helped us with their wisdom and education and in so many other ways,’ Caimaneros President Agostinho da Costa Narciso said when presenting the initiative.

‘At times when Angola needed it most, Cuba was present’, added the young man, who described the proposal as an aid ‘from brothers to brothers’ under difficult circumstances.

At a press conference, the activist explained that the Association requested institutional support from the Ministry of Telecommunications, Information Technologies, and Social Communication to deploy the solidarity mobilization.

According to him, the organization authorized the broadcasting of messages on public media, as well as the use of radio, television, and other media facilities to collect donations.

Hurricane Ian left ‘a calamitous situation; that is why we are here to request support from the entire Angolan civil society and from foreigners to bring human warmth to the Cuban people,’ he said.

For his part, Association Vice President Jose Alvaro stressed that damages go beyond the recent meteorological phenomenon since Cuba is still trying to recover from the damages caused by a fire of great proportions in a fuel base in the western province of Matanzas.

Both promoters thanked Secretary of State for Social Communication Nuno dos Anjos Caldas Albino, as well as other government representatives and members of the diplomatic corps accredited in Angola for attending the meeting.

At the end of the rally, Albino confirmed to journalists Angolan authorities’ willingness to provide support for the Caimaneros Association to receive donations made by public and private institutions, individuals and organizations.’


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